Baduk's Philosophy on the Korean Drama Misaeng


Misaeng is one of the dramas on my favorite list. This 2014 drama is an adaptation of the Webtoon of the same name. I want to talk about the baduk philosophy that is embedded in Jang Ge-reu who is the main character of this drama. If you still remember, there was one dialogue that was more or less like this.

"If there's anything you want to achieve, build up your stamina first. The reason why you often collapse in the second half, the reason why recovery is slow after damage, the reason why recovery is slow after mistakes, and the limit of your physical strength. If you're weak, you'll find comfort quickly, and if you can't endure the fatigue, you'll end up at a point where it doesn't matter. If you want to win, build a body that will endure your troubles first. Mental strength can only be a slogan without physical protection."

Ironically, Baduk is one of the least physical sports among sports. Nevertheless, the teacher who teaches Baduk emphasizes the importance of physical strength, which means that physical strength is important for exercising mental strength regardless of physical activity.

One number of mistakes in baduk lead to the loss of the whole. The reason why artificial intelligence AlphaGo, which seemed unlikely to win anyone, lost top Go player Lee Se-dol was that there was a "78th number" called "Hansu of God." Likewise, momentary concentration is important in our lives. A moment sincere best makes victory possible. If you don't want to lose a moment, you have to build up your stamina first.

The body is an outward mind. The mind is invisible. I'm determined to go, I'm ready to go. You can tell a person's state of mind by looking at his or her condition of mind, and you can tell a person's condition by looking at his or her condition of mind.

The body was also the first thing that was suggested in the new edition, which was used as a condition for a leader in the past. No matter how good your knowledge and personality are, the first thing you see is your body. The body determines your first impression.

I need to take care of my body for my health and mental strength to achieve what I want. Let's check your current physical condition.

When I was discharged from the army and started studying, I couldn't afford to exercise. This is because I absolutely didn't have enough time to study while forgetting everything I had studied before. I only studied except for sleeping time. However, when he failed the interview, his belief that he could do it was shaken. After being discharged from the military, the firm mind was also weakening. I instinctively recalled past failure experiences. It was awful.

It needed something to rekindle its commitment to the goal. And came up with the most appropriate method. It was "exercise." Since then I've been desperately clinging to exercise. Whether it rains or snows, I spent an hour a day exercising. The good thing about exercise is that it makes me feel pain by sweating. The pain you feel while exercising becomes the object of overcoming. Whenever I ran out of breath and ran, I vowed to "get through this moment." When he wanted to quit with a heavy dumbbell, he raised it again and shouted, 'I can do it.'

The body is honest. If you skip exercising even for a day, you will feel heavier and your mind will be blurred the next day. On the other hand, steady physical training strengthens physical strength and boosts confidence, which is a vital part of life. Even exercise helps the brain.

I can confidently say what I have experienced. Exercise is the best way to train your will. I worked out for an hour every day, so I didn't have a long slump that many people experienced after failing the interview. Rather, it was filled with faith and confidence in me.

The success or failure of a job is not determined at the end, but it is already decided in the preparation process. The results of the test are not determined after the test. In the course of study, the successful candidates and those who fail are already determined. The test is just a process of verifying the results.

Even during the week-long exam, I ran at the gym early every morning as a routine before going to the test. To be exact, I went to check my pass rather than take a test. When I asked my friend how the exam was right after the legislative exam, he said, "This is what I said.

"I passed. If I fail, there is no one to pass this exam. However, I can't guarantee a senior pass."

The result was an average 0.02 point difference from the top successful candidates. Of course, he passed the administrative exam that followed.

The tenacity that determines victory depends on the will. And the best way to train your will is to exercise. In the proverb "a healthy mind resides in a healthy body," it has its own reason to put "body" before "spirit." This is because the body is easy to train in the body and mind.

Keep your body in shape. Your mind will be trained. Soccer player Lee Young-pyo said, "Health is a skill and mental strength." Having no time for extra physical training due to his schedule when he was a sophomore in high school, he woke up at 4:50 a.m. and ran up the mountain. He who has experienced people know. Physical strength is mental strength.

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