Nominasi 57th Baeksang Awards 2021, Beyond Evil Panen Nominasi!




Rookie of the Year


·         Kim Young-dae (Penthouse, Cheat Me If You Can)

·         Na Inwoo (River Where The Moon Rises, Mr. Queen, Mystic Pop Up Bar)

·         Nam Yoon-soo (Extracurricular, Birthcare Center)

·         Song Kang (Sweet Home, Love Alarm 2, Navillera)

·         Lee Do-hyun (Sweet Home, 18 Again)



·         Kim Hyun-soo (Penthouse)

·         Park Gyu-young (Sweet Home, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

·         Park Joo-hyun (Extracurricular, Mouse)

·         Lee Joo-young (Times)

·         Choi Sungeun (Beyond Evil)




·         Kim Seon-ho (Start Up)

·         Kim Ji-hoon (Flower of Evil)

·         Oh Jung-se (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

·         Lee Hee-jun (Mouse)

·         Choi Dae-hoon (Beyond Evil)



·         Park Ha-sun (Birthcare Center)

·         Shin Eun-kyung (Penthouse)

·         Yeom Hye-ran (The Uncanny Counter)

·         Jang Young-nam (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

·         Cha Chungjwa (Mr. Queen)


Best Actor

·         Kim Soo Hyun (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)

·         Song Joong Ki (tvN’s Vincenzo)

·         Shin Ha Kyun (Beyond Evil)

·         Uhm Ki Joon (Penthouse)

·         Lee Joon Ki (Flower of Evil)


Best Actress

·         Kim So Yeon (Penthouse)

·         Kim So Hyun (River Where the Moon Rises)

·         Seo Ye Ji (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)

·         Shin Hye Sun (Mr. Queen)

·         Uhm Ji Won (Birthcare Center)


Best Drama

·         Beyond Evil (JTBC)

·         It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (tvN)

·         Flower of Evil (tvN)

·         My Unfamiliar Family (tvN)

·         Extracurricular (Netflix)


Best Director

·         Kwon Young Il (My Unfamiliar Family)

·         Kim Chul Gyu (The Flower of Evil )

·         Kim Hee Won (Vincenzo)

·         Park Shin Woo (It's OKay To Not Be Okay)

·         Shim Na Yeon (Beyond Evil)


Best Writer

·         Kim Su Jin (Beyond Evil)

·         Kim Eun Jung (My Unfamiliar Family)

·         Yoo Jung Hee (The Flower of Evil)

·         Jo Yong (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

·         Ha Myung Hee (Record of Youth)


Variety Show


Best Entertainment Program

·         March of the Ants (KakaoTV)

·         Hangout with Yoo (MBC)

·         Sing Again (JTBC)

·         You Quiz on the Block (tvN)

·         Legendary Stage – Archive K (SBS)


Best Male Variety Performer

·         Moon Se Yoon (2 Days & 1 Night (2D1N), Tasty Guys)

·         Shin Dong Yup (Immortal Songs, My Little Old Boy)

·         Yoo Jae Suk (Hang Out with Yoo, Sixth Sense)

·         Lee Seung Gi (All the Butlers, Busted! 3)

·         Jo Se Ho (You Quiz on the Block)


Best Female Variety Performer

·         Kim Sook (Where is My Home and Love Naggers)

·         Song Eun I (Problem Child in House)

·         Jang Do Yeon (I Live Alone)

·         Jae Jae (Girls High School Mystery Class)

·         Hong Hyun Hee (Omniscient Interfering View)



Rookie of the Year


·         Kim Do Yoon (Peninsula)

·         Ryu Soo Young (Steel Rain 2: Summit)

·         Park Seung Joon (Moving On)

·         Lee Bong Geun (The Singer)

·         Hong Kyung (Innocence)



·         Park So Yi (Deliver Us from Evil)

·         Shin Hye Sun (Innocence)

·         Jang Yoon Ju (Three Sisters)

·         Jung Soo Jung (More Than Family)

·         Choi Jeong Won (Moving On)


Rookie of the Year


·         Koo Kyo Hwan (Peninsula)

·         Park Jung Min (Deliver Us from Evil)

·         Shin Jung Geun (Steel Rain 2: Summit)

·         Yoo Jae Myung (Voice of Silence)

·         Heo Joon Ho (Innocence)



·         Kim Sun Young (Three Sisters)

·         Baek Jong Ok (Innocence)

·         Lee Re (Peninsula)

·         Esom (Samjin Company English Class)

·         Lee Jung Eun (The Day I Died: Unclosed Case)


Best Actor

·         Byun Yo Han (The Book of Fish)

·         Sol Kyung Gu (The Book of Fish)

·         Yoo Ah In (Voice of Silence)

·         Lee Jeong Jae (Deliver Us from Evil)

·         Cho Jin Woong (Me and Me)


Best Actress

·         Go Ah Sung (Samjin Company English Class)

·         Kim Hye Soo (The Day I Died: Unclosed Case)

·         Moon So Ri (Tree Sisters)

·         Ye Soo Jung (An Old Lady)

·         Jeon Jong Seo (Call)


Best Movie

·         Moving On

·         Deliver Us from Evil

·         Samjin Company English Class

·         Voice of Silence

·         The Book of Fish


Best Director

·         Yoon Dan Bi (Moving On)

·         Lee Jong Pil (Samjin Group English TOEIC Class)

·         Lee Jun Ik (The Book of Fish)

·         Hong Won Chan (Deliver Us From Evil)

·         Hong Eui Jeong (Voice)


Best Writer

·         Kim Se Gyeom (The Book of Fish)

·         Park Ji Wan (The Day I Died: Unclosed Case )

·         Yoon Dan Bi (Moving On)

·         Soo Soo Young & Son Mi (Samjin Group English TOEIC Class)

·         Hong Eui Jeong (Voice)


57th Baeksang Arts Awards akan tayang pada pukul 9 PM KST pada tanggal 13 Mei 2021. Dan akan diselenggarakan tanpa penonton, mengingat sedang dalam situasi pandemi.

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